Wheels Up Duval: Making the London Jaguars Game Affordable

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Interested in traveling to London for the game but lack the time to plan it yourself? For a small fraction of the savings you can achieve by following my method, I can tailor an experience suited to your needs and preferences. Contact me to get started.

It takes dedication to want to travel across an ocean to see a 2-14 team play a game against a potential Super Bowl champion.

jaguarsIt also takes a good amount of money. However, if you’re smart about it, it doesn’t have to cost nearly as much as the National Football League would have you believe.

Official packages from the NFL start at $2,899 per person, assuming double occupancy, and provide four nights of accommodations in London and roundtrip airfare between Orlando to London, as well as ground transport to the hotel and to Wembley Stadium for the big day. Wheels Up Duval is a series of articles with the goal of reaching a price of $500 per person to replicate this experience.

Chapter One takes a look at the official package and the easiest way to replicate its contents without jumping through any real hoops.

In Chapter Two, we start getting creative, with a look at how fans can take advantage of readily available frequent flyer miles promotions from American Airlines in order to reduce the cost of airfare down to about $200 for taxes and fees.

Forthcoming chapters will look at values on accommodations and ground transport in London, and some of the other things fans should take the time to enjoy in one of the world’s greatest cities.