The Weekly



Each week, I publish a new, long-form, original written work diving deeply into one topic.  I call this feature “The Weekly”, and it appears each Wednesday at  Below is an archive of each article:

5 Steps to An Apple Announcement

Initially Posted: 12 September 2012

A look at the five things Apple will announce today that other competitors in mobile (except Amazon) fail to meet at their own risk.

Fixing RadioShack

Initially Posted: 5 September 2012

How taking RadioShack back to its DIY, homebrew roots can save the company.

NBC’s Olympics Coverage in 2012 Was Its Best Ever. Really.

Initially Posted: 29 August 2012

Despite being maligned by social media, NBC’s coverage of the 2012 Olympics was the best in history.  This is a look at what made that true, and why we got so irritated, anyway.

Reading the Odds

Initially Posted: 22 August 2012

A look into how Vegas sets its sports book odds for NFL teams, and how fans might be able to pull one over on the house.

JC Penney’s Rebirth

Initially Posted: August 2012

The old school department store is trying to radically redefine itself. Here’s how, and why it just might work.