Strategic Consulting

It’s time for your business to level up.

Are you…

  • Launching a new product?
  • Facing workflow, productivity or technological challenges?

  • Making a gameplan to grow your business?
  • Wondering whether a new initiative makes sense from a financial or sales perspective?

I can help!

I’ll work with you to identify the root issues to address, then present a set of potential solutions for the challenges at hand. From there, I’ll help craft a step-by-step plan for success.

Once a plan for success is formed, I can provide whatever assistance you may need in bringing it to life. From simply providing a valuable outside perspective to taking on ground-level implementation tasks directly, I can offer as much support as you need.

Examples of Work


Work with Pharm-EZ was my most comprehensive to date for a client. I worked with the company from its inception in 2010 until its acquisition in October 2013.

Among my tasks with Pharm-EZ, I:

  • Developed and sourced the company’s flagship product, EZ-Kit, a breakthrough improvement in patient convenience and compliance that includes all the items necessary for ophthalmological procedures like LASIK and cataract surgery in a unified container complete with personalized instructions and educational material.
  • Composed a 60-page business plan and multiple rounds of financials projections that allowed the company to meet its goals in multiple rounds of funding.
  • Evaluated, developed and implemented the company’s IT architecture, from the pharmacy management platform to the phone refill service, eCommerce platform and website, in-pharmacy systems for communication with practices and creation of personalized EZ-Kit labels and more.
  • Oversaw the launch and expansion of Pharm-EZ to the point of serving hundreds of new patients each week, growing revenues to levels indicating several million dollars in sales on an annualized basis and the company’s acquisition less than a year after its public launch.

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Working with some of the same key personnel involved with Pharm-EZ, I helped create a separate dispensary located within the bounds of Magruder Eye Institute. This dispensary allowed patients of the practice to enjoy many of the same benefits and services of Pharm-EZ, but with the convenience of on-site service before and after appointments with their doctors.

Among my tasks for MagruderRx, I:

  • Identified key vendors and deployed solutions for medication acquisition, payment and insurance processing, customer service and IT.
  • Created branding, marketing and informational materials in harmony with the practice’s strong and established identity.
  • Provided technical support for patient-facing personnel and operational assistance in generating and analyzing sales and inventory analytics.



As Co-Founder and President of MegatonApps, I became intimately familiar with the design and development process for leading mobile applications.

I served as producer on projects tailored for iPhone, iPad and multi-platform releases, each of which were featured by Apple and various press at launch. These included Multitaskers, a productivity app for iPad and The Industry, a breakthrough digital-only publication focused on the business and strategy of the video game industry, along with a variety of other projects.

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I helped the Florida Federation of Music Clubs develop a plan that allowed them to continue hosting their annual competition for K-12 musicians at the University of North Florida while saving thousands of dollars.

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PWNjax Charity Events

As a co-founder of PWNjax, I helped develop and operate charity events in Jacksonville, Fla. to benefit Child’s Play Charity.

I helped develop strategic partnerships with local equipment providers like Gamestop and Best Buy and helped procure thousands of dollars in prizes from local restaurants and businesses.

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Celebration Lodge

I helped develop a marketing plan for Celebration Lodge, an immaculate four bedroom log cabin vacation home in the heart of Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains.

Bookings are up over 100% in the past year, and repeat visits are contributing significantly to a decrease in the cabin’s vacancy and leading to increased revenues for the owners.

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UNF Honors Program

As Student Director for the UNF Honors program, I headed up the development and execution of a weeklong student orientation program for 140 incoming Honors freshmen, executed by several dozen university staff and volunteers.

I also steered the development of student events throughout the course of the year and pioneered the use of social media to raise awareness of program events, more than tripling average event attendance from the year prior.

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These are just a few examples of work I’ve done in the recent past. Interested in learning more?

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