Product Development

Have a killer product idea? Let’s get started.

First Things First

Product design begins with thoughtful consideration of several important factors.

Most critical is defining the job your product is supposed to accomplish: does it solve a problem, entertain, inform, make life more convenient for the user or otherwise provide unique value?

Next, defining your market is critical: who will most benefit from your product, and best understand its worth?

Being able to answer these questions definitively is crucial to your chances of successfully finding a niche in the marketplace.

Details Matter

Once these initial questions are answered, the important work of design begins. Refining your product down to its core principles and challenging each facet of its design ensures your product can truly shine.

Bringing your product to life requires a plan for production that balances the need for quality with the necessity to keep costs low enough to assure a reasonable opportunity for profit. This means finding the best sourcing partners, both in your backyard and around the world, and identifying experts that can assist with production, quality control, fulfillment, intellectual property protection, regulatory and compliance matters and more.

Creating something truly new is challenging, but also incredibly rewarding.


I’ve done it many times, and can show you how to go from idea to reality.

Grab the Spotlight

Finally, developing a go-to-market strategy that takes into account your ideals for the product and the constraints of production allows you to maximize your chance of success while minimizing risk. Iconography, user interfaces, marketing materials, advertising, documents, presentations, workflows: each may play an important role in your product’s success.

I can help you navigate each step of this process, relying on my past experience bringing to market digital and tangible products targeting varying audiences and finding success.

Examples of Work


At PointsAway, I help readers learn how to use miles and points programs to turn their travel dreams into reality. Since its launch in July 2013, PointsAway has aggressively attracted new readership by offering free, personally-tailored content based on user submissions.

After many months of intensive work, PointsAway – The Definitive Guide to Free Flights & Nights Worldwide, an interactive guidebook teaching the secrets of free travel using points and miles programs, launched on the iBookstore and as a PDF download, with a Kindle version following shortly thereafter.

The guide quickly became the #2 Travel Book on iTunes and succeeded in driving even more readership to, as well.

This combination of a paid guidebook and free companion content is a promising mixture, combining the opportunity to help people bring their dream trips to life with a straightforward business model.

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Jacksonville Jaguars: Gameday Shield

In early 2013, the Jacksonville Jaguars announced a comprehensive rebranding campaign that included a refresh of the team’s logo, which had not been revised since the team’s inception in 1995. A new secondary logo was also announced, initially described as a “patch” design meant to honor Jacksonville’s military heritage.

Shortly after the announcement, a passionate team fan named Andy approached Patrick Duffy and I and told us he believed the new logo, at a much larger size, seemed more appropriate as a shield rather than as a patch. He wondered if it would be possible to make a shield based on the secondary logo large enough to carry into the stadium on gameday. We set to work prototyping such a design, including both shoulder straps and hand holds, and a three-dimensional, textured design that made the team identity really stand out.

The prototypes we made were met with such rave reviews that we approached the team about having the design turned into an official product that could be sold to fans at the stadium. After providing senior leadership at the team with not only our initial prototypes but a feasibility study and marketing plan that I created, they moved swiftly to put the product into production with a licensed NFL partner. The shield can now be purchased at official team stores in the stadium in both adult and kids’ sizes.


PowerUp Poker

PowerUp Poker introduces two dozen different temporary modifiers to Texas Hold ‘Em, that can turn tables and change fortunes.

PowerUps adds a new layer of fun and intrigue to a game that pretty much everyone understands, bridging the gap between tabletop and new era card game enthusiasts and players that stand by the old 52-card deck.

I designed PowerUp Poker and brought the idea to the Kickstarter community in July 2013. The campaign attracted attention from several members of the gaming press and attracted 117 backers in total and is now available as a print-n-play set on Etsy.

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EZ-Kit by Pharm-EZ

I designed, developed and sourced Pharm-EZ’s flagship product, EZ-Kit. EZ-Kit is a breakthrough improvement in patient convenience and compliance.

Each kit includes all the items necessary for ophthalmological procedures like cataract surgery and LASIK, including all medications, post-surgical accessories and instructions personalized for each patient and physician.

While with Pharm-EZ, I also developed a variety of associated marketing materials, including the brochures given to patients explaining the company’s services and informational materials used by practices in implementing their partnership with Pharm-EZ.

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Trubador Hands-Free iPad Case

Trubador is a hands-free iPad case developed by myself and Patrick Duffy at Made In Duval.

Trubador is designed to be worn with a shoulder strap, much the same as a guitar. The case was designed with musicians in mind specifically, but also with clear applications in healthcare, education and promotional marketing.

Trubador was covered by Time, Wired and Gizmodo among other online sources, as well as by the local Jacksonville affiliates for NPR, CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox. The NBC report was picked up by a nationally syndicated newsmagazine program called Daily Connection that airs in the nation’s top 10 media markets.

Trubador also was the central focus of a story in the Florida Times-Union that ran as the top feature on the front page of the Sunday Money section.

Links to all articles are located on Trubador’s Kickstarter page.

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SideShow for iPhone 5

Say hello to the first dock that works just as well in landscape as it does in portrait: SideShow.

Like me, you’ve probably found yourself wishing there were a better way to enjoy watching video, making FaceTime® calls, playing games and using landscape-oriented apps like alarm clocks more effectively.

SideShow solves this problem, suspending your iPhone® above your desk or nightstand at an angle perfect for such uses. SideShow’s clever design allows it to be used in portrait mode, as well, with a tapered edge allowing your safely secured device to lean back to a more visible angle, easy to glance at from anywhere in the room.



As President of MegatonApps, a mobile application development studio, I spearheaded a number of published app projects and constructed a number of proposals that showcase the possibilities of today’s leading mobile devices.

At MegatonApps, I worked on a variety of projects. These include:

  • The Industry – A tablet-only magazine available for iPad, Nook and Kindle and catering to game industry professionals and lifelong gamers. Featuring only long-form content in an advertising-free environment, The Industry broke from the traditions of gaming journalism, ploughing new ground for emerging tablet-only sources of news and analysis.


  • Multitaskers – This productivity app released for the iPad shortly after its launch brought many of the basic features missing from the platform early on, such as a calculator and notepad, to users in one beautifully rendered application.


  • EasyMinder – This app for iPhone was a breakthrough to-do and shopping list app featuring geolocation reminders that intelligently reminded users of errands like picking up groceries when coming within range of the store.


  • Case Studies – MegatonApps shared its vision for the future of mobile integration in theme parks and resorts with Disney’s digital media team, and explored the possibilities of mobile app integration in the gameday experience with the Jacksonville Jaguars. We also proposed an effort to place iPads running custom applications into kiosks in urban areas to Jacksonville’s Downtown Vision. Case studies like these allowed us to push the boundaries of possibility on emergent mobile platforms, in each case first conceiving of new possibilities years before anything similar was found on the marketplace. Learn More Here


    These are just a few examples of work I’ve done in the recent past. Interested in learning more?

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