MegatonApps: iOS Design & Development

I’m the co-founder and President of MegatonApps, a mobile design studio dedicated to creating meaningful mobile experiences for iOS platforms.  Since its inception, MegatonApps helped demonstrate the potential of mobile applications to some of the biggest names in entertainment, sports, hospitality, food/beverage, fashion, digital media and more.  At MegatonApps, I worked on a variety of projects; a few are showcased below:

The Industry

The Industry was a tablet-only magazine available for iPad, Nook and Kindle and catering to game industry professionals and lifelong gamers. Featuring only long-form content in an advertising-free environment, The Industry broke from the traditions of gaming journalism, ploughing new ground for emerging tablet-only sources of news and analysis.

The Industry was featured by Venturebeat and was listed as a New & Noteworthy publication by Apple. Over the course of its three issues, The Industry featured some of the top authors in gaming.


MegatonApps brought many of the basic features missing from iPad, such as a calculator and notepad, to users in one beautifully rendered application called Multitaskers.

Multitaskers was featured as a New & Noteworthy application by Apple and was available very early in the life of the iPad, launching within a couple months of its initial release. The app was a top seller in the productivity category in many countries following its launch.


EasyMinder was a breakthrough geolocation reminders and to-do application called that could intelligently remind users of errands like picking up groceries when coming within range of the store.

EasyMinder was developed on behalf of an entrepreneur who approached MegatonApps with a vision for the application but no prior experience in mobile or application development. MegatonApps took the idea from paper to reality. EasyMinder was featured as a New & Noteworthy productivity application by Apple in its App Store for iPhone.

Other Projects

Casey shared a vision for the future of mobile integration in theme parks and resorts with Disney’s digital media team, and shared his vision for the future of mobile integration on gameday with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

He also shared a concept that would place iPads running custom applications into kiosks in urban areas with Jacksonville’s Downtown Vision Inc.

MegatonApps does not have any active projects under development at present.