Fun With Football: Jacksonville Jaguars

I’m a big fan of the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars. As a captain for Team Teal, a ticket-selling booster club for the team, as well as a season ticket holder, I do my best to stay on top of the latest updates for my beloved team in between working on other projects. I often provide commentary about the team, which has helped foster the development of my social network in Jacksonville, both online and off.

As a tight-knit small market, the Jaguars offer a unique focal point for the Jacksonville community, bringing together many of its most creative and humorous denizens. Twitter provides a particularly effective venue for Jaguars fans of all stripes to congregate, and I’ve found that sharing love for the home team has helped me connect with an extraordinary group of talented individuals through the platform. As such, I try to contribute to the conversation as much as possible in my spare time, both for fun and to cultivate relationships with great people with whom I might work together in the future.

In the past, I’ve recorded podcasts called The Jaguars Report, providing my analysis of the latest team news both in and out of the football season. I also create infographics and humorous design projects from time to time, as a way to spread a little new knowledge or joy while also honing my skills. I’ve enclosed a few below.

The first is an infographic comparing the team’s success rate under its first coach, Tom Coughlin, with that of then current head coach Jack Del Rio, making the argument that Del Rio’s time had passed. Indeed, within a few weeks of creating the infographic, Del Rio was dismissed by owner Wayne Weaver, who announced the sale of the team on the same day.

The second is a satirical “Wanted” poster created following quarterback Blaine Gabbert’s comments about a critical analyst from NFL Network. You can read an article with more of the backstory here.