Social Voicing

Social Voicing: Discovering valuable contacts, creating worthwhile content and striking the perfect balance between professional and personable.

It’s never been easier to connect with the people that matter to your business. Whether your goal is to strengthen your relationship with your best customers, introduce your product to a broader audience or forge relationships with valuable new business partners, social platforms can be invaluable tools.

While the major social networks are all universally available, they are not universally well-used. Businesses often have trouble navigating these social spaces.

Succeeding in the social sphere requires a plan and a considered effort to find the right outlet, tone and content priorities. I can help you develop and launch a social media initiative, allowing you to reach your customers and other stakeholders directly, increase the value of your brand and grow your business.

The Process

I begin with a discovery phase in which I learn about your business, your goals and your key staff. This information allows me to determine which platforms can be most effectively harnessed for your needs, leading to the development of tailored accounts and identities for your business on each.

Next comes the creation of a report outlining an ongoing social strategy, including recommendations of the best social management tools for your needs and a set of recommended guidelines built to maximize your effectiveness on the social web.

Once these guidelines are set, I work with you to create your introductory social content and lay out a program of content that ensures your connection to your audience is persistent and not just a one-off effort.

Who Can Benefit

This same process can also be valuable to non-profit organizations looking to strengthen bonds with its donors or clients. Individuals interested in harnessing the social web to find new clients or employment opportunities can also greatly benefit. Whatever your case may be, I can help you create a powerful and lasting social presence.

Examples of Work


At PointsAway, I help readers learn how to use miles and points programs to turn their travel dreams into reality. PointsAway launched in July 2013 and has experienced rapid growth in readership by offering free, personally-tailored content based on user submissions.

The site’s free content and useful, actionable information led to success in cultivating an audience from the start, garnering substantial readership despite a shoestring marketing budget.

Readers of often come away inspired to purchase a copy of the PointsAway Book, which takes readers step by step through the secrets of free travel. By positioning the site as a valuable companion to the book, and vice versa, a virtuous circle is created where readers first discovering the book return to the site regularly for case studies and updates, while those who first stumble across reader trip case studies and other features at then discover the book.

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I often provide coverage from internationally followed social media events, sharing my experiences with followers back home and around the world.

In Spring 2014, I attended the inaugural session of Pioneer Nation, taking care to share valuable insights gained from the event with those who were unable to attend. I also attended the 2014 NFL Draft in New York and was able to tour the NFL’s League Offices as a result of my social outreach in the Jaguars fan community.

In Summer 2013, I attended World Domination Summit in Portland, Ore. where I met with several hundred other entrepreneurs and thought leaders in new media.

In Spring 2012, I was invited by the White House to an event coinciding with the state visit of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to the nation’s capitol.

In early 2012, I attended an event coinciding with the launch of the twin GRAIL lunar survey probes at Kennedy Space Center, at the invitation of NASA. I also provide coverage from technology events and conferences regularly, including Game Developers Conference and Electronic Entertainment Expo, applying my experience in business to covering companies dedicated to the art of fun.

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I started working for, then known as Advanced Media Network, in October of 2003 as an editorial columnist. I’d long had a passion for the video game industry, and leaped at the opportunity to share my thoughts on this dynamic industry with the site’s readership.

About a year after I began writing for the site, I moved into the position of Editorial Content Director, a role that later evolved into Editorial & Features Director. I selected and led a team of editorialists, between six and ten authors during the course of my tenure, located across the world. I handled all editing duties, created imagery and other assets to support the written work of my team, handled content scheduling and publication and generally handled all other tasks related to the editorials and features division in conjunction with the Editor-in-Chief.

I also developed a number of podcast series for Kombo while with the site, including “The Inside Track with Casey Ayers” and “FTW!”, an effort co-hosted with Kombo Reviews Director Sascha Lichenstein.

I also served as a key correspondent for Kombo at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Game Developers Conference, Cellular Technology Industry Association and other major industry events. I’ve interviewed industry luminaries including Takashi Tezuka, Joseph Olin, Cliff Blezinski, Jade Raymond, Charles Martinet, Will Wright, George Harrison and many others, and was privileged to cover the introduction of the Nintendo Wii from the third row of the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles, California.

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Quality Learning International

I helped a leading performance management and leadership development company update their online identity to better serve their clients and attract new business internationally.

This included a comprehensive makeover of their online identity, featuring a complete redesign of the company’s website as well as advice on how they could more effectively harness social media platforms to generate new business moving forward.

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Teaching / Guest Lectures

I develop and teach classes on social media strategies customized to fit the priorities and expertise level of any audience. Having guest lectured previously at the Crummer School of Business at Rollins College, I’ve shared my thoughts with executives from the Walt Disney Company, Darden Restaurant Group, Lockheed Martin, Tupperware and more.

I specialize in helping businesses better connect with their audiences, harness social media for improved internal communications and productivity and helping individuals utilize social media as a critical tool in managing their careers.

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The Weekly

The Weekly was a mini-series of pieces covering business and media strategy over the course of four pieces, published in 2012. The series was an opportunity to share in a public, conversational manner the kind of thinking that often goes into work for clients, but with a on popular topics and brands.

  • JC Penney’s Rebirth (Published August 2012) – The old school department store is trying to radically redefine itself. Here’s how, and why it just might work.

  • Reading the Odds (Published August 2012) – A look into how Vegas sets its sports book odds for NFL teams, and how fans might be able to pull one over on the house.
  • NBC’s Olympics Coverage in 2012 Was Its Best Ever. Really. (Published August 2012) – Despite being maligned by social media, NBC’s coverage of the 2012 Olympics was the best in history. This is a look at what made that true, and why we got so irritated, anyway.
  • Fixing RadioShack (Published September 2012) – How taking RadioShack back to its DIY, homebrew roots can save the company.
  • 5 Steps to An Apple Announcement (Published September 2012) – A look at the five things Apple will announce today that other competitors in mobile (except Amazon) fail to meet at their own risk.

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These are just a few examples of work I’ve done in the recent past. Interested in learning more?

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