Entrepreneur (äntrəprəˈno͝or,-ˈnər) – noun
1) A person who organizes and operates a business. 2) You.

There’s nothing better than creating something new from scratch.

Even so, the road from idea to reality can be long and treacherous.  Too many good ideas remain nothing more because people lack the time to pursue them.

Even more go undeveloped because potential entrepreneurs have difficulty putting together the roadmap they need to get from Point A to Point B.

I’ve built four startup companies and a non-profit group from the ground up and know what it takes to bring your idea to the market.

My services are tailored to meet your needs. Perhaps you have a knack for design and marketing, but need help putting together financial projections or a sound pricing strategy.  Maybe you have the numbers down pat, but you don’t know how to spread the word about your great idea.

Whether you need someone to simply help you set a path to follow independently, need the full service capabilities of a surrogate entrepreneur to nurse your concept to life or anything in between, I can help.


Examples of Work

PointsAway: Bringing Dream Trips Within Reach

At PointsAway, I help readers learn how to use miles and points programs to turn their travel dreams into reality. Since its launch in July 2013, PointsAway has aggressively attracted new readership by offering free, personally-tailored content based on user submissions.

After many months of intensive work, PointsAway – The Definitive Guide to Free Flights & Nights Worldwide, an interactive guidebook teaching the secrets of free travel using points and miles programs, launched on the iBookstore and as a PDF download, with a Kindle version following shortly thereafter.

The guide quickly became the #2 Travel Book on iTunes and succeeded in driving even more readership to PointsAway.com, as well.

This combination of a paid guidebook and free companion content is a promising mixture, combining the opportunity to help people bring their dream trips to life with a straightforward business model.

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Pharm-EZ: Building A New Type of Pharmacy

Pharm-EZ is a rapidly growing pharmacy serving patients throughout Florida focused on the unique eye care needs of ophthalmology patients. Pharm-EZ’s product lineup, communications strategy and superior customer service help close the gap between physicians and pharmacy in the patient circle of care. I worked with Pharm-EZ from its inception in August 2010 until its acquisition in October 2014.

One of my key accomplishments at Pharm-EZ was the design and development of the company’s flagship product, EZ-Kit. EZ-Kits provide all needed accessories, prescriptions and OTC medications for procedures like cataract surgery in a briefcase-style format, with custom-made trays prominently displaying and securing each item within. Educational materials and clear usage instructions are customized on a per-patient and per-physician level, increasing patient understanding and compliance.

My tasks on the EZ-Kit project included working with both offshore and domestic sourcing partners, designing the inserts used to hold medications in place within the kit, designing EZ-Kit branding and labeling, creating key marketing materials used to convey the EZ-Kit concept to patients and physicians and developing the processes used by pharmacy staff to fill EZ-Kit orders.

Among other tasks, I:

  • Composed a 60-page business plan along with multiple rounds of financial projections that allowed the company to meet its goals in multiple rounds of funding.
  • Helped the company navigate the complex healthcare regulatory and compliance environment.
  • Evaluated, selected and implemented the pharmacy’s IT architecture, from the pharmacy management system to the phone refill service, eCommerce platform, in-pharmacy systems and more.
  • Developed custom software solutions, including a personalized practice outreach email generator and the system for personalizing the EZ-Kit labels for contents, practice and patient.
  • Helped shape the company’s brand identity and build our plan for fostering partnerships with practices and ensuring the best patient care.
  • Designed many of the company’s marketing and patient outreach materials, and generally curated the visual identity of the company.
  • Sourced and branded a line of private label OTC products to supplement the company’s prescription offerings, partnering with premiere manufacturers to ensure superior products.
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MegatonApps: iOS Design & Development

As President of MegatonApps, a mobile application development studio, I spearheaded a number of published app projects and constructed a number of proposals that showcase the possibilities of today’s leading mobile devices.

At MegatonApps, I worked on a variety of projects. These include:

  • The Industry – A tablet-only magazine available for iPad, Nook and Kindle and catering to game industry professionals and lifelong gamers. Featuring only long-form content in an advertising-free environment, The Industry broke from the traditions of gaming journalism, ploughing new ground for emerging tablet-only sources of news and analysis.


  • Multitaskers – This productivity app released for the iPad shortly after its launch brought many of the basic features missing from the platform early on, such as a calculator and notepad, to users in one beautifully rendered application.


  • EasyMinder – This app for iPhone was a breakthrough to-do and shopping list app featuring geolocation reminders that intelligently reminded users of errands like picking up groceries when coming within range of the store.


  • Case Studies – MegatonApps shared its vision for the future of mobile integration in theme parks and resorts with Disney’s digital media team, and explored the possibilities of mobile app integration in the gameday experience with the Jacksonville Jaguars. We also proposed an effort to place iPads running custom applications into kiosks in urban areas to Jacksonville’s Downtown Vision. Case studies like these allowed us to push the boundaries of possibility on emergent mobile platforms, in each case first conceiving of new possibilities years before anything similar was found on the marketplace.

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    Made In Duval

    Made In Duval was a product design and development initiative headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla.

    The company’s products included Trubador, a hands-free iPad case designed for use in guest services, sales, health care, education and music and SideShow, a dock for iPhone 5 designed to work equally well in landscape and portrait mode.

    The company also produced a variety of local fare and custom signage for businesses.

    Made In Duval’s greatest success was in initially designing and facilitating the production of the Jaguars Gameday Shield in cooperation with the Jacksonville Jaguars. The shield is a highly popular item among fans and is now available for purchase at the stadium as an officially licensed product.

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    PWNjax Charity Events

    As a co-founder of PWNjax, I helped develop and operate charity events in Jacksonville, Fla. to benefit Child’s Play Charity.

    I helped develop strategic partnerships with local equipment providers like Gamestop and Best Buy and helped procure thousands of dollars in prizes from local restaurants and businesses.

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    These are just a few examples of work I’ve done in the recent past. Interested in learning more?

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