Downtown Jacksonville: iPad-Powered Kiosks for Urban Landscapes

In August of 2010, I shared a concept with Downtown Vision, Inc. in Jacksonville, Florida for a new fleet of iPad-powered kiosks to be deployed in businesses throughout the downtown area.  These kiosks would combine the unparalleled ease of use of Apple’s iPad with a custom app experience designed to make finding the best parts of life downtown a little easier.  Visitors would be able to access live transit schedules and maps for the city’s bus, trolley and skyway systems.  They could find restaurants, secure reservations for a table or view special offers, as well as purchase tickets for the Jacksonville Symphony or other events in the downtown area.  They could learn more about the history of downtown, locate businesses through an interactive directory or searching.  They could have any of the content they find, including directions, coupons, reservations, tickets and more, sent to their smartphone.  Kiosks would be placed in supporting businesses throughout downtown, and each kiosk would be aware of its present location, so as to best direct users.  Because of the iPad’s exceptional battery life, it would be possible for kiosks to be deployed to temporary locations, as well, during downtown events like the Jazz Festival or Jaguars games.  The goal would be to increase awareness of, and therefore traffic to, many of the outstanding eateries and businesses in the downtown area.

Although DVI elected to pursue paper maps and permanent signage instead of this kiosk-based system, I still believe that the concept of iPad-powered kiosks retains value, and that updates to the iPad’s operating system since the original pitch actually make the concept even easier to implement.  If you’d be interested in helping me bring this project to life, please get in touch using the link at the top of the page.