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Although I am available on an hourly basis, I prefer to draft quotes for specific projects with specific deliverables. That way, if it takes longer than expected to get the job just right, you receive the best possible value. Each quote is individually customized based on the scope and complexity of the project at hand.

Clients are consistently pleased with the quality and affordability of my work. They’ve found my services most valuable when a solution would otherwise require hiring out pieces of a project to several different contractors, bringing aboard a full-time employee for a project limited in scope or when a task would inefficiently take up their valuable time as business owners or entrepreneurs.

Below, you’ll find some generalized project scenarios and estimated costs based on actual past work for clients. They should provide you with a general sense of what your project may cost, but the best way to know for sure is to contact me for a free consultation and estimate.

Before you hire several contractors or a new employee to handle your project, let’s talk.

At times, I’ve offered discounts to individual entrepreneurs and small businesses with a specific and compelling need I think I can fit. If you’re serious about your project but concerned about costs, please contact me and we can discuss your unique needs.


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Sample Project Estimates

Example: Custom Document Design

Example: Custom Document Design

  • Are you in need of a postcard, flyer or rack card targeted toward your customers?
  • Does your sales staff need a new sell sheet to rely upon?
  • Would a menu of products or services benefit your customer and help enhance your bottom line?
  • Does your support staff need important information to be easily accessible for quick reference?
  • Would your business benefit from redesigning confusing forms used every day that waste valuable time and cause confusion?

These are common problems facing businesses of every size in every industry. I can work with you to identify your specific needs and objectives and create a hand-tailored solution sure to fit the job perfectly.

Average Project Estimate– $295

Example: Interactive Marketing Materials for iPad & Other Devices

Example: Interactive Marketing Materials for iPad & Other Devices

  • Do you want to harness the best technology to better reach your customers?
  • Can integrating video, audio, slideshows or other interactive material into your communications help you better convey your value to others?
  • Could you benefit from presenting to clients and partners in a more dynamic fashion?

Moving away from paperbound brochures and presentations to interactive, digital marketing materials can grab your audience’s attention, while eliminating reproduction costs and allowing you to make changes and revisions on your schedule, free from the constraints of the print shop.

Average Project Estimate– $595 for 10 pages + $50 per additional page

Example: Business Plan Evaluation

Example: Business Plan Evaluation

  • Do you have a business plan in hand but want to make sure it presents your company as well as possible?
  • Do you need assistance in strengthening portions of your plan, such as properly detailing risk factors, competitive forces or growth trajectory?
  • Do you want someone to stress-test your plan’s financials to ensure they hold up to investor scrutiny or for your own peace of mind?

I can sit with you and go through your plan step by step, serving as a sounding board and providing valuable feedback to ensure you’re on the right track.

Average Project Estimate– $495

Example: Copywriting Content

Example: Copywriting Content

  • Are you launching a new website and need someone to fill in the blanks?
  • Do you have an intimate understanding of your business’s value, but have trouble finding the words to convey it to your customers or partners?

My years of writing in a variety of formats for a wide array of audiences may be of service. I use a journalist’s methodology, interviewing you to understand the core ideas you want to convey, then weaving a narrative that does your story justice given the constraints of the format you’re looking to fit.

Average Project Estimate– $395

Example: iOS Application Blueprinting

Example: iOS Application Blueprinting

  • Do you have a killer app idea, but don’t know if it’s possible, or how to bring it to life?
  • Are you wondering whether an app project is worth investing in for sale to the public or to improve your internal business processes?
  • Would you like to build an interactive mockup of key app features in order to test out your concept, negotiate the most accurate and economical quote for development or acquire the funding necessary to bring your concept to fruition?

After gaining a complete understanding of your concept, I can create a full blueprint for your app project, providing a layman’s explanation of the programming tasks necessary to bring it to life, mocking up key features to assess usability, investigate the app’s marketability and existing competition, comment on its propensity for success and make recommendations for best practices in moving forward with the project.

Average Project Estimate– $995

Example: Comprehensive Business Plan Creation

Example: Comprehensive Business Plan Creation

Are you serious about starting a business, but don’t know where to begin? Every successful business begins with a comprehensive plan. This plan includes:

  • A clear statement of your company’s mission and vision.
  • A strong, objective case describing the opportunity your business seeks to exploit or the problem it will effectively solve.
  • Informative content describing industry standards, technical factors and other facts uniquely relevant to your area of business.
  • A specific definition of the product(s) and/or service(s) your company will provide and what measurable benefit each will provide.
  • A strong understanding of who your customer will be, and what will drive them to your product or service.
  • A specific plan to bring your product or service to market, including measurable goals at critical steps along the way.
  • A full understanding of resource needs, in terms of staff, equipment, financing and more.
  • Specific metrics to gauge success that grow along with your business.
  • A full investigation of the competitive environment, risk factors and analysis of what strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats will impact your business’s odds for success.
  • Clear, conservative financial projections detailing the first several years of operations.
  • Where applicable, a plan for investors, outlining ownership arrangements that benefit shareholders and the company in an equitable, sustainable fashion.
  • A compilation of supporting information, including the resumes of key personnel, appendices detailing particularly relevant technical information or industry trends, and more.
  • A format that makes a substantial amount of information – typically between 40 and 60 pages – digestible to a wide spectrum of readers.
  • A dynamic companion Keynote or PowerPoint presentation that effectively conveys your plan for success to a variety of stakeholders.

As you can see, we mean comprehensive. If you’re serious about fully fleshing out your business model, raising funds for a new or expanding business or simply having the best game-plan for success as your business grows, I can help you create the driver’s manual you need.

Average Project Estimate– $5,995


Dr. Robert Prescott
Dr. Robert Prescott Associate Professor, Crummer School of Business, Rollins College
The ultimate student and a savvy business person. That’s Casey! I have known him in both roles. Casey was the kind of student that makes teachers want to teach. He was always prepared, on top of the subject at hand and eagerly participated in creating viable discussions. I have watched in recent years as he has transitioned into his business life. Casey still manifests the same attributes – dedicated to what he does. Without reservation I give him my highest recommendation.

Joel Windels
Joel Windels Marketing Manager EMEA, Brandwatch
Casey was a very accommodating editorial director and always made the time and effort to help the staff. An ambitious entrepreneur, Casey is always on the lookout for new and innovative opportunities.
Sean O
Sean O'Neill Sports, Music & Entertainment Manager,
I have had the pleasure of working with Casey for over eight years now and each experience has been incredible. With Casey you get an innovator, visionary, task-driven leader who thrives in a collaborative environment. Casey doesn’t just make each project better, he makes the team better providing amazing feedback and a positive attitude. When I have a project I know has to be perfect, I turn to Casey. He always exceeds expectations making sure every detail is perfect while not losing focus of the overall picture.

Casey has a remarkable ability to cut through the noise and find what will be the next big thing. When Apple first started talking about Apps, Casey knew they would be the key platform for the future. When he is given a task he not only looks to do a good job, he studies every aspect of it, researching every detail so he can preform beyond expectation and deliver something the competition can not.

I would say the best endorsement I can provide is that I was once Casey’s boss and when the opportunity to start a company with him arose, I jumped at the chance to change that working relationship to become partners on our new venture. Casey is the real deal and if you are lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with him, I can guarantee you will also be on LinkedIn raving about your experience.